Car Reviews: 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LT

If this review I’m drunk I been drinking martinis all night and listen I know as a car show but if you guys drink and drive your part of the problem and you deserve whatever happens to you NBI strong trunk movie strong trunk movie strong trunk movie strong trunk who he strong trunk movie strong trunk who he’s drunk drunk who is strong current were 3 martinis date going on for. Chevy Malibu eco rental car. This is for people who hate driving where who also only a buy American cars I mean the Malibu used to be a performance car and a platform in which you drop 350 cubic inches a GM freedom but now round now now Malibu’s our rental cars is a car for people who is their favorite drink is diet coke and their favorite TV is this shows the Big Bang theory and they have a job or they will work in the same building.

2014 Chevrolet Malibu LT

It’s their lives who I drive a Malibu I us talk about church William Howard Taft was a second president to own a car but he. Fat to drive and now I’m not sure what the car you own. Cares but I imagine if we elect Chris Christie this is gonna be the first car the first family never gets to use the Chevy Malibu is a car that was birthed from the river the Chevelle, in the same year they gave us the Mustang 1964 and from that creation came a car that and you’re the same way tofu in jurors you can use it for pretty much anything kid on his way to college will give him a Malibu retired money of 3 retired mother of 3 on our way to a to the boss terminal and pick up a red nose grandson that’s a Malibu number crunching weirdo from the cubicle office looking for a quickie with a mistress behind cigars international in Hamburg shouldn’t Malibu the cars a Jack of all trades but a Ostrom.

interior 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LT

Basically this Cars in English degree on 4 wheels whatever you said has relies entirely on the person who wheels and their capacity for doing stuff in Malibu is the car that that one friend drives you know that the guy who thinks he can do voices for everybody ever but he doesn’t have a Robert De Niro or a Michael Caine is Christopher Walken is crowd is Peter Griffin sounds like a guy from Boston getting kicked in the day because girlfriend change the channel in the fourth quarter the pats game here’s a general rule about impressions everyone has a Hank hill but no one has a good Hank hill may penetrate my girlfriend with tasty cake crumpets find the meaning of life hidden. Margin Newly rat. More info Chevrolet Malibu LT headlights read at

Buried fall Simao Abou offers us. So Reid. The car I suppose the best way to describing it is uncomplicated the Malibu’s a lot of things but it isn’t a Rolex on a stiff deck because this isn’t going to give you a hard time but it’s still a place for a car in this market. I mean the Malibu had to get it together this isn’t the seventies anymore the base mauled the Malibu offers the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder from eco tech online you can also get a 2.oh liter 4 cylinder with a turbo for some damn reason which gives you more power but at the expense of the Malibu’s big selling point or one of them anyway it’s fuel economy. I mean all the eco does is it is it shuts off the engine like a golf cart are could this be anything other than a rental car minutes a direct injection engines so you think would be banging but it’s it’s choir than most types I mean direct injection engines have a sound we have a nail it down yet is because the Malibu manage to be pretty conservative with its fuel consumption getting 25 miles per gallon city in 36 highway that is impressive for a car that makes almost 200 horsepower the 96 pounds the 96 horsepower and 186 foot pounds of torque but with a cloud with the silver lining that still clouds you not getting much more in the way of performance in what’s advert. More not. Car that’s going to trick you into thinking that there’s some. The hood that have. And of all daily driver and. That’s it that’s it you’re not going to be out.