The most convenient features that exist in today’s cars.

features today's carsRemote opening of locks.
A function that allows you to open the car without a key, is extremely convenient. It is enough to click the button, and the locked door will be opened immediately, and you can easily get in the car.
The stabilization system (ESP).
Stability system is composed of many subsystems that control virtually the entire car. It is a sensor on the brake pads themselves wheels, steering wheel, pedals and so on. It allows the computer to understand what a driver is trying to do, as well as control the car operation.
OnStar system.
This system is an opportunity to connect with a live person in case of any problems. For example, your car broke down, and there is no one all around. In this case, you will need just to click on the appropriate button, and you will be contacted by a consultant.
Steering wheel and pedals.
In most modern cars you can control not only the position of the seats, but also steering. This is very important, because the more correct and more comfortable the driver will be located at the wheel, the more comfortable and safer to be a trip.