How to replace a 2006 Chevy Equinox headlights

How to change a 2006 Chevy Equinox headlights. Step one. Open your hood. Step to turn on your lights and confirm which one is burned out. Turn on your high beams and make sure both of them are working as well. Loose in this screw. Push this lever. Obara pin whatever it is you gotta wiggle it out. Pulled the light somewhat out into the side it’s much easier to do with a few hands when you’re not holding camera. Get your hand in there and. Disconnect very carefully.

2006 chevy equinox headlightsDisconnect the electrical connection making sure that you don’t break the clips. Now turn the light bulb trickster itself very carefully until it comes out. They just have some slots they have to line up. That is what they burned out light bulb looks like in case you were curious. It’s missing a spring in between here you can see. It’s hard to see on here but. In real life you can tell with the spring is connected or not. Info: Grab your cheap economy replacement ball. Do not touch the glass of the ball. Now very carefully put your new light ball into the hole where the old one came from 2006 Chevy Equinox headlights.

Now slowly rotated fill the slots in line up. And then twist it into place. I Reconnect the electrical connections. If for connecting everything turn on your lights and make sure everything is working properly. Push the headlight fixture back into place. So that the holes lined up. Slide your pin back down and. Put it in its proper place. Put the screw back in place. Figure takes probably good. Use a ratchet don’t overdo it. And there you go. Headlight bulb has been replaced. That was easy.